Kofi Kingston: MVP Took Me Under His Wing When I Joined WWE

Kingston and MVP go way back…

Kofi Kingston has found himself on the right/wrong side of MVP, with the Hurt Business mastermind trying to get into the New Day lynchpin’s head and possibly recruit him into The Hurt Business.

Now it seems the two have their fair share of history.

Whilst appearing on WWE’s The Bump, Kingston revealed that MVP took the young Kofi under his wing when he joined WWE’s main roster:

“Well, first, I want to address the fact that I have to go to work now and look around the dark corners to make sure he isn’t lurking around and creeping around. This is creepy, bro,” Kingston said “As far as what he’s saying, it’s kind of difficult because when I first came on the roster, MVP took me under his wing. I’ve always considered him to be like a big brother. I’ve always appreciated what he’s done in the ring and his mic work.

“Over the years, I don’t know, I’ve seen him go down this path where… our philosophies don’t match. You weren’t here when I was grinding. You weren’t here telling me what to do. I got to this point on my own. I’ve achieved a lot of success here. I don’t feel like I need help from anybody, really, to tell me what to do, let alone MVP. If we’re talking credentials, I don’t even like to toot my own horn, but how many titles have I won? How much success have I had consistently over the past decade-plus? I don’t need MVP to tell me what I need to do to become champion. He gets under my skin with these comments, so I just don’t need him.”

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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