Quinn McKay Talks About ROH's Women's Division Rebranding

‘Women of Honor’ is no more…

Ring of Honor’s Quinn McKay was a recent guest on The Wrestling inc. Daily, talking about ROH’s women’s division.

Formerly known as ‘Women of Honor’ ROH quietly rebranded the division earlier in 2021, with McKay confirming the change:

“It’s just the Ring of Honor women’s division now. Women of Honor is done,” McKay said “That is completely dunzo. We’re getting the inaugural Ring of Honor World Women’s Champion this summer. I think that was officially decided whenever we were going to do the tournament last year before it got canceled due to COVID. I don’t know if we actually released the official statement about it.

“I don’t think we had made it a super huge deal, but that’s why it’s really exciting because it’s the Ring of Honor women’s division, and I feel like we’ve kind of come under a lot of fire and scrutiny over the years. People feel like the women’s division starts and stops all the time. So now I feel like it’s going to be a lot easier to be integrated into just the Ring of Honor roster proper because there’s nothing that sets us apart as a different brand anymore.”

With the Women’s Title set to be decided by a tournament this Summer, McKay confirmed that there are several grand plans for the rechristened division:

“There’s a lot of different ideas that are being bounced around right now. The person that you really should have this conversation with is Maria Kanellis-Bennett because she has the grand master plan, and I feel like she has a lot of things in order, but I’ve heard different things being bounced around. Right now on Wednesday nights, we have Ring of Honor Women’s Division Wednesday. We also do a watch party on Twitter, #ROHWD, and right now, that’s a show that’s just women, but what I personally would like is just equal representation for both on the same brand.”

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