Konnan Believes Jeff Hardy Should Return To AEW As A Heel

Konnan Has Revealed How He Would Book Jeff Hardy In AEW

After his arrest, charges, and indefinite suspension, the AEW future of Jeff Hardy is completely up in the air. Even with positive news coming from his brother Matt Hardy about his mindset and recovery, there is still no telling whether Tony Khan will want to take the risk with booking Jeff Hardy again. 

When talking on his Keepin’ It 100 podcast, Konnon gave his thoughts on a potential Jeff Hardy return to AEW and how he would personally use and book him after everything that has transpired outside of the ring; 

"People always expect him to take bumps and he's willing to take them. Unnecessary. I would turn that motherf***er heel because, as a nice guy, nice guys always get f***ed over. He's probably got a lot of pent-up aggression from people that wronged him. He could dip into that and not have to fly because now he's a heel that can do one or two cool moves because he's still a legend."

Konnan did later go on to say that he would first need convincing of Hardy’s state of mind before using him on television. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly