Konnan Comments On Psicosis II Incident At IMPACT Wrestling Tapings

K-Dogg speaks...

Last weekend, IMPACT Wrestling held their first set of TV tapings after Hard To Kill in Mexico City, Mexico. The most noteworthy event, however, was an altercation outside of the Fronton Mexico between Konnan and Psicosis II (real name Juan Ebodio Gonzalez). A video leaked online which showed K-Dogg being slapped by Gonzalez as he tried to make his way into the arena.

On the Keepin' It 100 podcast, Konnan explained why Psicosis II attacked him. He revealed that when he was on the booking committee in AAA in the early 2000s with Antonio Pena, they booked Psicosis vs. Psicosis II. During the feud, Gonzalez was stiff in the ring and tried to legitimately hurt the original Psicosis (Dionicio Castellanos Torres), which resulted in the former WCW and WWE star refusing to wrestle Psicosis II.

This led Konnan to tell Antonio Pena not to book Psicosis II in the future and he didn't wrestle in the promotion for 8 years after 2009. In 2017, Psicosis II returned to AAA when Vampiro was the head booker, but after Konnan returned to the Mexican promotion in 2018, he decided he did not want to use Gonzalez.

This led to Psicosis II tweeting in December 2019 that he wasn't being booked by AAA because Konnan did not like him. Konnan quickly noticed the tweet, however, and replied with: "It seems that the only thing that weighs on you is the same, I saw you at the AAA offices you didn't tell me anything but I keep telling you the same if there is so much quality because I don't see you in another big company? ROH, NXT, 205, MLW, Impact, AEW, Nation, CMLL, Puerto Rico (IWA, WWC) etc."

Konnan confirmed that Psicosis II took exception to the tweet, which led to their confrontation at the weekend.

For the avoidance of doubt, during the podcast, Konnan said: "So Psicosis left and he didn’t want to work with him (Psicosis II) and I told Pena (AAA owner and booker), 'What are we using this guy for?' So we started not to use him. So now he’s thinking in his mind that I have something against him personally.

"So fast forward to when Vampiro’s booking, they’re using him. I come in. I see who I think I can do business with and the best guys to do business with…Well, he was out of that group that I didn’t want to work with. So he does an interview, 'Well yeah I’m not in AAA because Konnan didn’t like me and if Konnan wasn’t there I’d be there,' and stuff like that."

You can watch Konnan's full explanation below:

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