Kurt Angle And Undertaker Wanted No Way Out 2006 Match At WWE WrestleMania 22

"We went to Vince, and Vince said ‘No...'"

Kurt Angle has revealed he and Undertaker originally wanted to have their No Way Out 2006 match at WWE WrestleMania 22. 

Angle and 'Taker fought for the World Heavyweight Championship in a match-of-the-year candidate at the February 2006 pay-per-view, before having a rematch a couple of weeks later on Smackdown. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer has now revealed that the match happened because both he and The Phenom wanted to fight each other at WrestleMania. However, with Vince McMahon having other plans for 'The Grandest Stage Of Them All', he agreed to put the two in a match at No Way Out instead.

Speaking on the Kurt Angle Show, he said: “It was a big deal to us, both Undertaker and myself. Having ‘Taker come in at No Way Out and you wrestle him in the main event, usually it’s a downer pay-per-view, but it was an upper. 

"'Taker actually wanted to face me at WrestleMania [22], he told me this back in December before I had the match at Royal Rumble. I said: 'That’d be fantastic.'

"He said: 'We’re going to have to go to Vince [McMahon] and ask him.' We went to Vince and Vince said ‘No, I’m not ending 'Taker’s undefeated streak.’

“He didn’t tell me why I would have to end his undefeated streak, but the reason was because I was going to win the World title and go to WrestleMania and wrestle somebody mwhile holding the world title. I think Vince McMahon felt I was going to hold the World title after WrestleMania, which I didn’t. 

"It was really awesome to have him at No Way Out and the reason Vince booked it is because we wanted the match at WrestleMania so Vince said no, but we’ll make it at No Way Out. I believe when he saw the No Way Out match he said: 'Damn, I should’ve done it [at WrestleMania 22].'"

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