Kurt Angle: Brock Lesnar's WWE Return "Took Away Some Of The Buzz" From CM Punk's AEW Debut

Taking away the shine

WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle believes Brock Lesnar's return at SummerSlam "took away some of the buzz" from CM Punk's return to professional wrestling on AEW Rampage. 

Punk had been away from the ring since 2014 but The Straight Edge Superstar made his return to kick off a big weekend of wrestling. Lesnar would then make his return to WWE at SummerSlam to close out the pay-per-view and Dave Meltzer noted Punk's AEW debut was one of the reasons Vince McMahon decided to bring back The Beast Incarnate.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc. about the weekend, Kurt Angle said Brock Lesnar's return took away some of the shine from CM Punk's debut.

"Any time you bring in Brock Lesnar, it's a huge deal. So, yes, it definitely took away some of the buzz that was created when CM Punk and possibly Daniel Bryan joined AEW. But those two are big names, too. I think WWE did enough damage control by bringing Lesnar in, that I don't think it [Punk joining AEW] will affect them much. But, they did lose Bryan and Punk, who I'm guessing was never going back to WWE, so that didn't really matter," Angle said.

Angle does think Punk's return is "great for wrestling", though, and he wished The Straight Edge Superstar good luck in AEW.

"Well, I think it's great for wrestling. CM Punk is a huge name. He had an incredible impact on pro wrestling when he was with the WWE. So, he made a great name for himself. If he wants to return, all the best to him. Good luck," Kurt added.

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