Otis Explains The Origins of Alpha Academy Pairing With Chad Gable In WWE

The duo have been together since last year

Otis has explained how the partnership between him and Chad Gable, as the Alpha Academy, came about on WWE SmackDown. 

Otis has been paired with Gable since December 2020, following his split from Tucker and dissolution of Heavy Machinery, and the former Mr Money In The Bank has now spoken about how he and Gable spoke to Vince McMahon about their idea to work together.

Speaking on In The Kliq, Otis explained: "Before the pandemic, there were two different groups depending on what brand you were on. For a while, me and Tucky were both. It would be The Meat Wagon; EC3 and (Drake Maverick). Once we were on SmackDown, we were with Gable; the three amigos. 

"Once me and Tucky split, we were doing our own thing. There were certain ideas and it's like, not stale, but 'what are we doing here?' We talked with Vince [McMahon] about new characters and basically, from the movie Batman where he goes, 'You are the number one guy.' Basically, we cut the hair. (Gable) is doing the cheesy smile.

"At first, I was still the big go-lucky guy who loves barbecue and he's the serious trainer. Don't eat carbs. Now, it's a full machine. We're calling out the whole locker room and beating everyone's asses up."

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