Kurt Angle Calls Two WWE Hall Of Famers 'Most Intimidating Guys' He's Ever Met

Kurt Angle reveals the two WWE Hall of Famers who intimidated him

With his Olympic pedigree and incredible intensity, it's fair to say that more than a few members of the WWE locker room might have been intimidated by Kurt Angle. 

While discussing Steve Austin on a recent edition of his The Kurt Angle Show podcast, however, the WWE Hall of Famer named Stone Cold and The Undertaker as the two most intimidating men he has ever met. 

Recalling his first meeting with the Texas Rattlesnake, the gold medallist said: 

"I was doing dark matches for WWE. I was about six months in the training. They had me doing dark matches in mid-1999, and Austin surprisingly came up to me and introduced himself. I'd — he did that because he was impressed with my past accomplishments in sports, and Stone Cold was a division one football player. So, I think he related and he came up he said, 'Hey Kurt, how you doing? I'm Stone Cold'. I said 'It's a pleasure to meet you, you've inspired me to be a pro wrestler and I just hope that I'm half as good as you are'. He said, 'Don't worry brother, you will be'. It was the first time I met him and he actually introduced himself to me. I should have introduced myself to him — that's what you usually do, but I think that Stone Cold wanted to break the ice with me and introduced himself. I'll never forget it was in Orlando, Florida," revealed Angle.

Asked whether he was intimidated by Austin, Angle replied: "Yes, I think everyone was. Him and The Undertaker are the two most intimidating guys I've ever met".

Kurt further credited Austin for advising him on his neck issues, while also naming him as his 'dream' WrestleMania opponent.


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