Kurt Angle Comments on Triple H Reportedly Burying Him In WWE

"He’s entitled to his opinion, I can’t do anything about that."

Kurt Angle says he never heard anything about Triple H allegedly burying his ability to get heel heat during a feud with John Cena. 

Angle, supposedly a heel, was cheered by a large portion of the WWE Universe during a rivalry with John Cena in 2005, as the company tried to establish the new WWE champion as the face of the promotion. 

The Olympic Gold Medallist's inability to get the crowd to boo him during these segments reportedly led to Triple H talking down about his backstage, although The Game would also be cheered by the audience during his own feud with Cena in 2006. 

Angle, for his part, says he heard nothing about those reported rumours and believes the reason he was cheered over Cena was down to the company's positioning of the new face.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, he said: "I didn’t hear anything backstage of Triple H burying me. He’s entitled to his opinion, I can’t do anything about that. I don’t agree with him.

"I think John Cena, when he came up through the ranks when he started, he was booked as invincible, he hardly ever lost. [WWE] did the same thing with Roman Reigns and look what happened to him, it took a long time for the fans to get with Roman. The fans are a bit rebellious, they don’t want a guy that’s dominant or invincible. They want a guy that’s vulnerable that could win or lose at any time and John was always booked to win.

"Triple H and I were veterans, better known at the time. Cena was an up and coming talent so they were able to recognize us as more formidable opponents and the more popular wrestlers. It’s an uphill battle for John because they booked him so quickly into the main event as a baby face, that’s really hard to do. Triple H and I being the more experienced veterans, people knew us."

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