Kurt Angle: Shawn Michaels And AJ Styles Are The Best Of All Time

The Olympic Hero wrestled both men during his career

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle’s new podcast The Kurt Angle Show focused on WrestleMania 21 this week.

Speaking with Conrad Thompson, Angle went into depth about his bout with Shawn Michaels, regarded as one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history.

Even though Angle and Michaels only shared the ring a handful of times, Angle considers HBK one of the two best of all time, alongside frequent TNA opponent AJ Styles:

“AJ and Shawn both deserve the top honours for being two of the best of all time,” Angle said. “AJ, not being so much in the WWE all these years but what he was able to produce in TNA and what he was able to produce in WWE, gives him the right to be up there. Working both of them doesn’t matter how many times I worked with them, I worked with AJ 300 times, Shawn only three.

“They made you look better than you are and when you wrestled them, you had the night off. If you wanted to work extra hard, you could work extra hard but they did everything for you. AJ and Shawn just had a great psychology and they were incredible athletes. They laid it out in the ring every single time. They were two of the best I ever wrestled.”

Credit: The Kurt Angle Show Podcast
H/T: Wrestling Inc. for the transcription

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