Kurt Angle Talks About His New Role In WWE

The Olympic gold medallist retired at WrestleMania 35

At WrestleMania 35 Kurt Angle competed in his retirement match, losing to Baron Corbin. Since then, he's sporadically appeared on WWE TV, but has predominately spent his time backstage as a producer.

He has seemingly taken to his new role with typical intelligence, integrity, and intensity. Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Angle explained how he primarily works with WWE Superstars, helping them structure matches and providing feedback afterwards.

Angle said: "I help structure matches that the talents have. It’s just giving my feedback and evaluating what the wrestlers do. The most important thing is: once you learn the basics, limit your bumping. We only have so many bumps in our career. If you do it excessively at the beginning
of your career, you’re going to cut your career short. If you save your body, it will help you enormously."

Angle also discussed his early days in professional wrestling. He recalled how many amateur wrestled told him not to make the transition as they thought it was "degrading." However, Angle described how once he was approached by WWE, and they explained they were more entertainment based, he saw it as a good opportunity to show that amateur wrestlers can transition without it tainting their accomplishments.


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