Kurt Angle Thinks John Cena Joining TNA Would Have Changed The Face Of Wrestling

Not that the scenario was ever close to happening...

While Kurt Angle's own signing for TNA was viewed as monumental for the fledgling company in 2006, the Olympic gold medallist believes John Cena following him to the IMPACT Zone would have completely changed the face of professional wrestling. 

Considering the hypothetical scenario during a recent edition of his The Kurt Angle Show podcast, the former TNA Champion said:

"John Cena, I believe, would have made just as much of an impact as I did in TNA. If we both would have came there, that would have changed the face of wrestling. I really believe that. I honestly believe, John Cena coming to TNA would have probably changed the face. He was such a big name that he'd have a huge impact, immediately, like I did. I don't know if he would have more of an impact, maybe, maybe not. John Cena is really talented and what he's done in WWE is unparalleled. Having him come to TNA, first of all, if WWE released him or if Cena's contract expired, WWE has no right to say, 'You're not allowed to do that'. If Cena wanted to go to TNA, he would have gone to TNA. The question is, would John Cena do that? John would have changed the game".

Cena has not wrestled for anyone besides WWE since initially signing a developmental deal with the promotion in 2000.

Angle recently hailed the impact of Mick Foley's 2008 TNA signing. 

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