Kurt Angle Wants To Manage WWE’s Alpha Academy

Could Otis and Chad Gable be the next Team Angle?

Chad Gable and Otis are wrestling machines, and despite finally having some direction as The Alpha Academy, they still need that finishing touch to take them to the next level. And if the wrestling stars aligned, then that final piece could be in the form of Kurt Angle as their manager.

Angle himself revealed on the latest Kurt Angle Show podcast on AdFreeShows.com that he’d be willing to return to WWE to manage the pair:

"I wouldn't mind doing it,” started Angle “Not only are they great amateur wrestlers, they are great entertainers too, especially Otis, you know! I think I might have been able to be a part of that, but I think they started that after I left the company. So, there wasn't a possibility of me coming back and managing them. WWE did offer me to manage Matt Riddle, and I didn't take it at the time because I had some other commitments. But Otis and Chad Gable, that would have been awesome. Managing them, we would have had a lot of fun doing those segments.”

Angle’s first foray into management came when he took Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas under his wing, with the three performing as Team Angle on WWE television, and when Chad Gable first came to WWE Main with Jason Jordan as American Alpha, fans clamoured for Angle to form a new Team Angle with the pair.

"Yeah, I wanted to do that,” added Angle “I'm not sure why Vince didn't decide to do that. Instead, he made Jason Jordan my son. Chad Gable had no relation to me whatsoever. I would have probably done the opposite, but I also think that those guys would have been the new Team Angle, and it would have been a really good run. I'm not sure why Vince didn't want to do it. It's actually very disappointing. The Team Angle didn't even get to the level we could have. Team Angle only survived for like eight months; it wasn't a long period for that faction. So, to reignite it with Chad Gable and Otis or Jason Jordan would have been incredible. I think we could have done that for a good three or four years and had a good run. I would have loved to have had all of them as part of my faction. That would have been incredible, and we could have been a Survivor Series team.”

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