Kurt Angle: Why Ric Flair Tells Me He Saved My Wrestling Career

Angle and Flair talked wrestling before he joined WWE

Kurt Angle has joked that Ric Flair always tells him he saved his wrestling career, by telling him to go to WWE instead of WCW.

Angle has previously spoken of asking Flair - who worked for both WWE and WCW - about which wrestling promotion he should go to work for when he made the switch to professional wrestling. 

Flair told the Olympic Gold Medallist that WWE would utilise him much better than WCW, which proved accurate as Angle won the World Title five times in WWE.

Angle has now revealed that Flair brings it up at every opportunity, telling him he saved his career.

Speaking on his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, Angle said: "'Oh God, Ric brings it up all the time. He actually rubs it in my face: 'Hey, I saved your career by going to WWF instead of WCW.' 

"But Ric was right. I think if I went to WCW, they probably wouldn’t have utilized me like WWE did. I’m very grateful for Ric’s advice. He directed me in the right direction."

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