Kurt Angle Wishes He Could Have Faced Bryan Danielson Before In-Ring Retirement

Kurt Angle vs. Bryan Danielson would have certainly been a dream match

The idea of dream matches is certainly subjective, but there are several fantasy bouts that get mentioned time and again. Undertaker vs. Sting, Austin vs. Hogan, and for many, Kurt Angle vs. Bryan Danielson is right up there.

Long touted as two of the greatest in-ring talents in American pro-wrestling history, a match between Angle and Danielson would have tore the house down, and Angle himself has spoken of his wish to have wrestled ‘The American Dragon’, saying the following on the Kurt Angle Show Podcast:

"Oh, yeah. Daniel Bryan, he's one of my top three wrestlers that I wish I would have been able to face before I retired. You know, Bret Hart is one of them. Daniel Bryan's the other. [As for another dream opponent], I'm leaving it open because there are so many other great talents. He's actually my top two. He's actually the second person behind Bret Hart that I always wanted to wrestle, but never could," Angle said

Angle and Danielson - then known as Daniel Bryan - were only ever in the same match on one occasion, as both appeared in the 2018 Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

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