Kurtis Chapman "Mad Kurt" Passes Away

Kurtis Chapman has tragically passed away, as reported by RevPro

On the morning of December 29, 2023, RevPro’s X account announced the tragic passing of Kurtis Chapman, known to many as “Mad Kurt”, at 26 years of age. 

Chapman had been a regular part of the UK independent scene over the last eight years, competing in the likes of RevPro, Progress, IPW, and many other minor promotions. He was a former RevPro British Cruiserweight Champion, holding the belt for six months back in 2018. He carved out most of his career in the RevPro promotion, debuting with them in 2014. Chapman also gathered a large following with his social media use, becoming popular with his tweets and developing an online persona that garnered him some more fame. 

The statement made by RevPro is as follows; 

“We, at Revolution Pro Wrestling are absolutely heartbroken to report the loss of our dear friend Kurtis Chapman.

We watched Kurtis grow from a child to a young man who loved professional wrestling and continued to excel in all aspects of his life.

One of the most gifted technical wrestlers, charismatic characters and magnetic personalities.

He will never be forgotten.”

He last competed in June, successfully defending the Resurgence Arthouse Title at a Resurgence show in Leicester. Specific details on his passing are currently unknown. We send condolences to the loved ones of Chapman.

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Written by Andrew Kelly