Lee Moriarty Reveals CM Punk Inspired Him To Be Straight Edge

CM Punk inspired Lee Moriarty to follow a straight edge lifestyle

CM Punk made his name in the wrestling world as the straight edge Second City Saint, and in his wake inspired a generation of wrestlers, through both his career, and his lifestyle choices.

One of those who Punk influenced was Lee Moriarty, who explained on the AEW Unrestricted podcast that he is straight edge, just like Punk:

“It’s important for me not just for my lifestyle personally, but it’s also for peace of mind for my family,” Moriarty said. “So my mom and dad, when I told them I wanted to be a professional wrestler, they were very against it because around the time I made the decision. It was my teenage years and the wrestlers from back in that day were unfortunately passing away because of drugs and alcohol and all that stuff catching up to them, so that was a big concern for them.

“Originally, like I knew I didn’t want to do drugs and alcohol and stuff just because Bruce Lee’s removing the non-essentials from your life and stuff like that. I didn’t know it was called Straight Edge. I didn’t know that there was this detailed thing until I found CM Punk when I was watching TV one day. I looked more into it. I thought it was really cool what that lifestyle meant. I took that pledge, and then from then on, I’ve just always been Straight Edge, and I feel like that’s made my family a little more comfortable with me living the lifestyle I live.”

Other famous straight edge wrestlers include Darby Allin, as well as Raymond Rowe and Warbeard Hanson (aka WWE’s Viking Raiders), whilst the likes of Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson live clean tee-total drug-free lifestyles, but don’t necessarily identify as straight edge.


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