Lio Rush Claims He Was Once Set To Win The IC Title At WWE WrestleMania 35

A golden moment for the hype man?

Former WWE superstar Lio Rush may have held the company's Cruiserweight title in 2019, but his most prolific use in the company was as Bobby Lashley's fast-talking hype man, the hustle behind the muscle. And if Rush is to be believed, that union almost netted him a more prestigious title.

At WrestleMania 35, Lashley, then the Intercontinental champion, dropped the gold to Finn Balor, but Rush claims there were other plans for that match.

Speaking with Sean Ross Sapp for Fightful, Rush claims that at one point, he would have emerged from WrestleMania 35 as Intercontinental champion, in something of a swerve.

"At the time, they were going to have me win the Intercontinental Championship while I was with Bobby and the whole and the whole storyline with Finn” Rush says. “They were gonna have me win the title. But I forgot what happened. I forgot what happened and why that wasn't the case.

"I think the idea came from Elimination Chamber, where it was me and Bobby versus Finn in like a handicap match and I think they were going to do it again at WrestleMania but I was gonna be the one to win the title and it was just gonna throw everybody off. But yeah, for whatever reason, that got scratched.”

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Justin Henry

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