Zack Ryder Claims Lost Episode Of YouTube Series Depicts Bizarre John Cena Vs. Trent Beretta Match

How weird could it possibly be?

WWE legend John Cena vs. AEW wrestler Trent Beretta? It happened - kind of.

Matt Cardona, the former Zack Ryder, revealed on his latest Major Wrestling Figure podcast that an unusual "match" pitting the duo took place on his old Z! True Long Island Story internet show, but the video has never seen the light of day.

“At the time, Trent was out with an injury and we were doing these weird skits on the show called ‘Where's Trent?’," recalled Cardona. "I would let Trent have, whatever, 30 seconds to a minute to film whatever he wanted to film. He would film some really weird stuff."

Cardona revealed that he received a video from a friend named Rob McIntyre, who filmed Trent's stuff, and also happened to be John Cena's trainer. He claimed that this video was to be the finale to "Where's Trent?", and that Cena was involved.

"What's going on in this video, it's all these guys, who have since become stars, but they're in FCW doing these weird things in the gym and Trent, his alter ego, I guess, is something called 'Foil Man,' where his head is just him wrapped in tinfoil. He has his big showdown in John Cena's gym against 'Box Man' and 'Box Man' is John Cena in a Ribera jacket, wearing a giant square box on his head, covered in covered 'DZ vs. ZR' stickers.”

Cardona says that WWE did not approve of the episode, nor did they understand it, so it went unreleased. He adds that, although he possesses the video in question, he chooses not to release it, as, "'s not my place to air it.”

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