Lita Wants Wrestling Companies To Give Performers Mental Health Resources

"If you can have your performers performing at a top level because they feel great, that works for everyone."

As times change, the discourse around mental health has improved in all aspects of life, including professional sports. However, many think more should be done to assist professional sport stars with their mental health concerns, and WWE Hall of Famer Lita wants wrestling companies to help their talent.

In an appearance on DAZN News to talk about the 'Tag Me In' initiative, Lita said that wrestling companies - especially big ones like WWE and AEW - would be doing themselves and their performers a major service by assisting them with mental health resources:

“I think definitely in professional sports, it’s more focused, and just checking in would be great,” said Lita. “There are these huge companies in professional sports, and just to add an additional point of resource to check in, I think it could provide huge benefits and potentially more profits, which obviously any company is looking at. But if you can have your performers performing at a top level because they feel great, that works for everyone. I would love that.”

Earlier in the interview, Lita commented that it’s taken so long for mental health to get deserved attention because it was often stigmatised as being a sign of weakness, especially in the often macho world of professional sports and professional wrestling:

“Professional sports, in general, is all about being at the top of your game physically, but mentally is also tied in,” said Lita. “I think it’s a perceived weakness that I don’t want to show or let anybody in to think that I can’t perform at my top level. But really, it all goes hand in hand. If you can’t be at your top level and feel comfortable mentally, you’re physically inhibiting yourself from performing at your top.

“So it needs to be extended as a part of your training and not only the physical preparation that goes into it but check in with yourself mentally to make sure that you’re dealing with whatever it is that you need to deal with, whether it is your anxiety, depression or feelings of loneliness to know that you’re not alone.”

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