As It Happened: WWE Money In The Bank 2021

All the live action and results from WWE Money In The Bank 2021

WWE Money In The Bank 2021 was presented from Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas, and featured six matches on the main show with a SmackDown Tag Team Title bout on the kick-off show. 

As promised, there were shocks, surprises, and a huge return...

(Kick-off Show) Rey & Dominik Mysterio (c) vs The Usos - SmackDown Tag Team Championship

I gotta say, first off, how incredible it is to hear a live crowd again. The roar for the Usos' entrance was incredible! The challengers were out first, before Rey & Dominik get some kind of Rick & Morty portal spin-off as they make their way to the ring.

Dominik Mysterio and Jimmy Uso start the match, and the crowd roars again as the opening bell goes. An exchange of blows in the corner before Dominik hits back-to-back dropkicks and a jumping arm drag. Rey is tagged in and some double-team manoeuvres by the Champions, before Jimmy kicks out of the first pin-fall attempt at two.

Jey Uso is tagged in next and Rey is thrown from the ring by 'Main Event' Jey. The naughty Uso boys look to isolate Rey on their side of the ring, using naughty team tactics. Rey is able to get Dominik tagged in, who hits a springboard crossbody for a two on Jimmy. Dominik then tries a second-rope moonsault for another two. Jey tags in blind but Dominik gets them both out of the ring. The Usos catch Dominik in mid-air and toss him into the barricade. The Usos double-team Dominik.

Jimmy tries to get Dominik up for a top-rope Samoan Drop but Dominik is able to push Jimmy to the outside of the floor. Jimmy tags in Jey and Dominik tags in Rey. The two exchange blows before Rey gets a Hurricanrana off. A right hand and Rey goes to the top for a Senton for a two-count again.

Jimmy gets a blind tag, superkicks Mysterio and hits a huge Samoan Drop for a long-two! Jey is tagged back in and the Usos set up for a double Superkick. Dominik drags Jimmy from the ring and Rey sets Jey up for 619! Jimmy Uso gets in the way though and takes the bullet. Jey superkicks Rey in midair and then hits the Uso Splash! 1-2-NO! Rey kicks out!

Dominik is back, trying to help his dad out. The younger Mysterio is taking out of the ring and Jimmy tosses Rey into the turnbuckle. He rolls up Mysterio and Jey holds his brother in place to secure the pin, and we have seven-time Tag Team Champions! 

Winners & NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions: Jimmy & Jey Uso

Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Nikki A.S.H vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Zelina Vega vs. Liv Morgan vs. Natalya vs. Tamina - Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Wild reaction for the entrances, and as the bell rings seven of the combatants head outside the ring to grab ladders - except Alexa Bliss who continues to stand in the corner of the ring. She tries to use 'powers' and she's stopped by a German Suplex by Asuka.

Tamina and Bliss go at it, with the Tag Team Champion throwing Bliss into a ladder before trying to set up a ladder. Liv Morgan tries to climb it before the ladder is properly set up and Tamina takes her and Zelina Vega out. Next Asuka is into the ring and goes after Tamina. Asuka sets the ladder up over Tamina uses her power to lift it. Morgan is back, hitting her double-knee finisher on Asuka before Natalya stops her from climbing.

Not gonna lie, it's hard to keep up because this has been mental so far. Alexa Bliss does a creepy walk towards Morgan, who is trapped in a ladder, before Natalya drops her on her butt. Bliss gives Natalya a drop toe-hold for her troubles before somersaulting onto Morgan. Alexa and Zelina Vega both climb the ladder but Bliss uses her, well, her powers to hypnotise Bliss down the ladder. Natalya is back in and takes Bliss out. 

Vega is back with it now and she and Morgan go at it. Naomi powerbombs Morgan onto Vega onto a ladder, before hitting Natalya and Tamina with a double-stunner. Nikki A.S.H then feels Naomi's wrath before she climbs the ladder. Natalya is once again on the defensive and then Vega gets a sleeper-hold on Natalya...but Natalya keeps climbing! Natalya almost passes out and then Morgan pulls Vega down before she can claim the briefcase.

Six of the women are in the ring and Nikki A.S.H jumps off a ladder outside the ring and takes out everybody. Nikki climbs the ladder but Alexa is there to stop her. They exchange nasty looking blows, and Alexa hits her version of Sister Abigail. She climbs up but the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions stop her, throw her from the ring, and skewer her with a ladder. The rest of the field then literally bury Bliss under about eight ladders, to the immense disappointment of the live crowd. Morgan tries to capitalise and climb the ladder but again is halted.

Somehow three ladders have been set up in the ring and Liv Morgan is all alone. The crowd goes wild as she climbs, Naomi is in with her, and up come Natalya and Tamina too! Vega and Asuka climb, all vying for the briefcase. Nikki A.S.H climbs over the other competitors and unhooks the briefcase! 

Winner: Nikki A.S.H

We get a backstage segment with Roman Reigns and The Usos. The trio are all visibly happy. Jimmy and Jey present the Titles to Reigns, who expresses his pride in the duo. He starts to take credit for their returns (with a subtle reference to Jimmy's recent brush with the law). Roman says that now he's given them what they want, it's time they give him what he wants. They battle for their big cousin's affection and hug it out.

AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs The Viking Raiders - Raw Tag Team Championship

Tag-team action up next as AJ Styles is set to start the match, only to immediately tag in Omos to take on Erik. He tags in Ivar but Omos takes them both out with ease. Omos tags Styles back in, who goes to work on Ivar. A first pin-fall attempt is kicked out of at one.

The Viking Raiders start to pick AJ Styles apart, with Erik hitting a sick knee to his head. The pin is kicked out of at two this time, with Styles trying so hard to battle back. He takes out Ivar with a baseball slide, before tagging in Omos. Omos then throws Styles over the top rope, who takes Erik out with a Hurricanrana. Styles is tagged back in and goes to work on Erik. Erik counters with a big, back body drop and tags in Ivar. Ivar splats Styles (yes, that's the technical term), and takes him out with a clotheslines. A two-count from the cover.

Style gets a jaw-break and tags in Omos. Ivar tries to clothesline him and it goes as well as you'd expect. Omos powerslams the Raider, and locks in a shoulder claw. Styles is back in, Ivar avoids him and gets the tag. Erik and Styles exchange strikes in a very cool moment. Erik hits the knees on Styles before tossing the Phenomenal One across the ring. Ivar is tagged in and the Viking Raiders double team Styles. Erik is the legal man again and the team hit a double-team springboard clothesline/German Suplex combo. Styles kicks out at two again.

Styles gets a pele-kick and tags in Omos. Omos bodypresses Ivar and drops him on his face. A one-footed pin isn't enough, so Styles is tagged back in. Ivar avoids the double-team and gets Erik in. Erik gets a forearm and Ivar is legal again. They get Omos wobbly and over the top rope. Styles tries to roll-up Ivar, but it's only two. AJ hits a forearm and runs into the Viking Experience! They are so close to the three but Omos throws Erik into the pin-fall attempt to break it up!

Omos and Erik are now legal. Omos takes out Ivar with a kick and plants Erik with a double-handed chokeslam. 1-2-3 and this one is over.

Winners & still the Raw Tag Team Champions: AJ Styles & Omos

Drew McIntyre is being interviewed backstage, and there is definitely a mix of cheers and boos for the Scotsman. Drew reflects on his last year in the ThunderDome and says he's leaving Fort Worth as Mr. Money In The Bank.

Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Kofi Kingston - WWE Championship

MVP immediately grabs Kingston's foot as the bell rings and Lashley goes for a spear. Kingston flips over a gets a one-count off the school-boy pin attempt. Lashley starts to bring the power, clotheslining Kofi straight onto his head. Lashley drives Kingston into the corner and Kingston goes for a springboard, but he's caught and slammed down into the canvas. Lashley throws Kingston to the outside and drives his head into the ring-post. Lashley does it for a second time.

Lashley gets Kingston back in the ring and knocks him down with a vicious forearm. He presses Kingston into the mat. Kingston tries to climb up Lashley and the Hurt Lock is locked in. It looks like Kingston had almost escaped, so Lashley pivots and literally throws Kingston all the way across the ring before dropping him on his head. Lashley lays down fists into the New Day member and delivers a Dominator. He picks up Kingston and does it again. A third Dominator and Lashley shushes the Fort Worth crowd. 

Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock, Kingston can barely stand, and he has no choice but to give up. A dominant, dominant performance by the Champion. 

Winner & still WWE Champion: Bobby Lashley

Rhea Ripley (c) vs Charlotte Flair - Raw Women's Championship

Collar and elbow tie-up to start the match. A 'we want Becky' crowd breaks out so Charlotte gives the crowd the middle finger! Ripley drags Charlotte to the outside ring apron where the two exchange blows. The duo get back in the ring and Flair hits the Champion with a T-Bone Suplex into the corner. A two-count, and Charlotte locks in a sleeper-hold, before throwing Ripley back down to the mat.

Flair catches Ripley with a huge elbow before getting dumped to the outside. Ripley rolls into Flair with a jumping somersault and rocks the Queen with a headbutt inside the ring. Ripley starts to take control, catching Flair with a big kick, before getting a Northern Lights Suplex pin attempt for two. Ripley gets a massive German Suplex, goes for a top-rope drop-kick but gets caught by her challenger in a Boston Crab. Ripley counters into a roll-up, Flair goes for the Figure-Four, and another roll-up attempt. Flair kicks Ripley and goes for a pin. two-count.

Charlotte goes to the top rope but Ripley pulls her down, a nasty-looking landing. Charlotte counters an Electric Chair into a Sunset Flip. Ripley shows immense power to Suplex Charlotte from a sitting position for another two-count. Ripley nails multiple chops before getting thrown to the outside by Charlotte. A massive big boot as Ripley tries to get back into the ring. Flair up to the top and a huge moonsault to the outside!

Back in between the ropes, Flair went for Natural Selection and Ripley counters into her own submission. Charlotte counters into a roll-up, Ripley goes for Rip-tide but Flair gets a massive DDT on the counter. Another two-count! The two catch each other before Flair gets an elbow on Ripley. Goes for a dirty pin, but the referee notices. Ripley kicks Flair in the face and spears her into the corner. The two are on the top rope, Charlotte pushes Ripley off and hits an immense top rope Natural Selection! Everyone thinks it's over but Ripley kicks out, to shock in the entire building!!

Ripley counters a Figure-Four attempt, pushing Flair into the bottom turnbuckles where she bangs her head. Flair drives Ripley's skull into the ring post and traps Ripley's knee between the ring post and the steel steps. The Figure-Eight is locked in, Ripley is in agony, and she has absolutely no choice but to tap out.

Winner & New Raw Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair

King Nakamura and Ric Boogs are backstage, preparing. Riddle turns up and says...stuff? Anyway, it ends with Boogs and Riddle singing Randy Orton's theme music while Nakamura does the iconic Orton pose. Kevin Owens walks by and looks very, very confused. Same, Kev, same.

Drew McIntyre vs. Riddle vs. John Morrison vs. Ricochet vs. Big E vs. Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Kevin Owens - Money In The Bank Ladder Match

We get a pretty standard brawl to start before Rollins and Morrison get into a 'drip-off' outside the ring. McIntyre and Big E are left inside the ring, slowly picking off anyone else that tries to interrupt their intense stare down. McIntyre belly-to-belly's Big E, before E spears McIntyre through the ropes. Owens brings in the first ladder. Morrison leaps over the ladder and takes out Nakamura! 

Morrison tries to climb the ladder, but Nakamura stops him, locking in a triangle choke at the top of the ladder. Rollins jumps off the ropes and takes out Nakamura. We get the Drip Duo double-teaming Nakamura and then Big E, taking out anyone that comes at them with a ladder. Morrison hits a Samoan Drop on Riddle onto the ladder, before he and Rollins hit a back body drop onto Ricochet onto the ladder too. Owens tries to powerbomb Rollins but Morrison makes the save, and the duo start to strip the announce table. They lay a ladder between the table and the ring.

Owens tries to take out the Drip Duo inside the ring but instead eats a Suplex onto the edge of the ladder. McIntyre is back in the ring and starts to fight Morrison and Rollins. The Scotsman is laid across a ladder and Morrison tries to jump on him before Rollins takes both of them out with a ladder. Rollins climbs, but is stopped by Big E and Ricochet. Riddle hits Rollins with the RKO! Nakamura and Riddle get into a kick-off before being taken out by a double Claymore by McIntyre. Future Shock DDT on Big E and Ricochet is sent face-first into the ladder too. McIntyre flies over the top rope and takes out the field. Claymore to Rollins and McIntyre is all alone in the ring. He climbs the ladder, but Veer and Shanky attack! Jinder Mahal is just behind with a chair, taking out McIntyre outside the ring with his weapon. They drag McIntyre out of the ring area. 

Back in the ring, Riddle tries to climb and Ricochet does mental Ricochet things - like seriously, go and watch them - and Riddle can only watch on in amazement. The duo are at the top of a ladder, and Rollins tries to steal it. Big E throws him out of the ring but eats an RKO by Riddle. AN RKO for Ricochet, and a stomp on Riddle! Nakamura is back in and hits Rollins with a GTS.

Nakamuta climbs, Morrison intercepts with the drip stick and almost gets it before Owens pulls him down and hits him with a Stunner! Then a Stunner on Nakamura, but Ricochet intercepts. A Pop-Up Powerbomb and Owen is climbing again. He reaches but Rollins starts to hit his bad knee. A huge Powerbomb over the top rope and through a Ladder! Oh My God!

Seth Rollins think he is there. He has a hand on the contract, but here's Big E and a BIG ENDING OFF THE LADDER! Big E climbs and he has the briefcase! BIG E is Mr. Money In the Bank!

Winner: Big E

We come back from a break to see Rollins in pain and seething backstage. He shouts at an interviewer about how he should have been in the Universal Championship match and how Edge stole it from him. He says whoever wins tonight between Edge and Roman Reigns, he's next in line.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. Edge - Universal Championship

This has a real, big-fight feel. The two men slowly approach each other and the crowd goes nuts with duelling chants. A tie-up and a face palm by the champion. Edge wins the second tie-up and does the same to Reigns, which Reigns didn't like. Roman takes Edge down with a shoulder tackle. Edge goes for Reigns' arm but is dropped by a massive forearm, and a headbutt. Edge starts to assault Reigns' left-arm, driving it into the ring post twice. Reigns goes to leave but Paul Heyman seems to talk him out of it. He's back in the ring and Edge sends him straight back out with a knee.

Outside the ring, Reigns catches him in a Samoan Drop. Edge is thrown into the ring post and can only just beat the 10 count. Reigns starts to methodically take it to Edge, throwing him into two different ring-posts. A suplex by Reigns for a two-count. Reigns locks in a chin-lock. Edge is able to battle out, landing rib shots, only to run into an uppercut from the reigning Universal Champion. Drive-by from Reigns for another two-count! Reigns goes for a Superman Punch but Edge counters into a backslide for two! Big boots for both men and they both down.

Edge rocks Reigns with a forearm, who responds. The two trade blows and Edge catches Reigns with a reverse DDT for a close two-count. A big clotheslines on Reigns. A kick to Edge, but Edge gets Reigns with a Flapjack and an Edge-uction for another near fall. Edge digs his elbow into Reigns' skull and positions him on the top rope. Reigns is hung in the tree of woe, and The Rated-R Superstar goes on the attack. Edge locks in an STF on Edge in the centre of the ring. Reigns tries to drag himself to the ropes but Edge transitions into a Crossface. Roman reaches the bottom rope.

Edges goes for the Spear but is caught in a Guillotine. Edge is fading as Reigns locks it in. Edge is able to drive himself and Reigns out of the ring. Reigns goes for the Spear at ringside but the challenger moves, and Roman goes through the barricade! Edge stops the referee's count and then runs to the outside, Spearing Reigns through the other barricade! 

Edge carries Reigns to the ring and tries to ping him. Reigns just gets his shoulder up! Reigns gets Edge with an uppercut and then a Superman Punch, but Edge falls into referee Charles Robinson, knocking him down. Reigns breaks a steel chair in the same way Edge has, grabbing the bottom part and trying to lock in the Glasgow Grin on his opponent. Edge fights back and headbutts the Champion. Edge grabs the chair part and locks in Glasgow Grin on his opponent. Out come the Usos to help but the Mysterios are here to help, taking out Jmmy and Jey at ringside. 

Roman is out but Seth Rollins interferes! Rollins superkicks Edge in the back of the head. The ringside area is cleared as Reigns sets up Edge for the Spear. Edge spears Reigns! Edge goes for the pin! A referee runs down and Reigns is able to kick out at two!

Edge sets up for another Spear. Rollins is back and Edge swings for the Messiah. Reigns capitalises on the distraction to Spear Edge and get the pin! 

Winner & still the Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

After the bell, Rollins snaps and attacks Edge more. He stares down with Reigns in the centre of the ring and tells him if it wasn't for him, Edge would be champion. Edge attacks Rollins and throws him into the crowd. The two leave Reigns alone in the ring as they fight through the area. 

Reigns gets on the microphone. He says that the whole world can acknowledge him. And HERE COMES JOHN CENA! Dickies Arena goes absolutely insane!! Cena makes his way to the ring and pretends he didn't see Reigns. He slowly approaches Reigns, looks at the Universal Championship and gives the Champion a 'You Can't See Me' as Money In The Bank goes off the air!

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