Mace & Mansoor Thought Maxxine Dupri Was Going To Be LA Knight In A Dress

There was some belief that LA Knight was going to be wearing a dress in WWE

Mace and Mansoor, formerly of the Maximum Male Models, have been making the most of their recent WWE releases by streaming and telling some brilliant and fun stories about their time in the company. 

When the act first began, it was LA Knight who was leading the group under the name of Max Dupri, though it wasn’t long until his “sister” Maxxine Dupri was introduced into the mix. The role of Maxxine wasn’t nailed down on one particular person, as apparently Tiffany Stratton was once pitched for that role. Additionally, Mace and Mansoor had a feeling that it would end up being LA Knight in a dress. When speaking on Twitch, the pair discussed the birth of the Maxxine character, with Mansoor saying,

“Maxxine Dupri was a character that existed before the person playing it right now started playing it. Maxxine Dupri, as a concept, was created that day. Knight saw that and was like, 'that's it, guys.' You know what's funny. Maxxine Dupri character gets created on Twitter and says, 'I'm Max's sister and I'm running the Maximum Male Model website.' We're all looking at that like, 'Okay.' A week after that, they tease the debut of Maxxine Dupri. 'Maxxine Drupe will come out with the Maximum Male Models.' I swear to God, when I heard that, I looked at LA, we looked at each other at the same time, 'It's going to be you in a dress, isn't it?' He's like, 'It's going to be me in a dress.'”

In the end, LA Knight would separate from the act and become himself once again, with Sofia Cromwell becoming Maxxine Dupri. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly