Malakai Black: Joining AEW Was My Immediate Thought After WWE Release

Blacked joined AEW two weeks ago

Malakai Black has revealed that joining All Elite Wrestling was his 'immediate thought process' following his release from WWE, having grown frustrated at the promotion's 'bipolar 50-50 booking'.

Black, less than two weeks after re-debuting on Friday Night SmackDown following over a month of vignettes hyping his comeback, was let go by WWE in early June. The former Aleister Black showed up at AEW two weeks ago, following the end of his 30 day non-compete clause.

The 36-year-old has admitted his first thought, after hearing about his WWE departure, was to see if he could get into AEW. Black also admitted he had grown weary of WWE's booking on the main roster, saying the 50-50 booking made him feel like he did nothing significant during his time.

Speaking to Metal Injection, Black said: "That [joining AEW] was the immediate thought process. I was sick of it, even before everything went down. I loved my time in NXT, but I felt I did nothing of importance on the main roster. It was too much bipolar 50-50 booking, they would push me and pull me off TV.

“Honestly, that’s [50-50 booking] the entire product right now. There’s nothing really consistent. Everything changes week to week, or is done to the point of beating it to death.”

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