Malakai Black Reveals Inspiration Behind AEW Gimmick

The House of Black is spreading in AEW

From his work on the UK and European Indies, through WWE, and into AEW, Malakai Black has garnered a reputation as one of the best creative minds currently wrestling.

A dark and cryptic figure, Black’s work is punctuated by subtle iconography, European folklore, and hints heavy occultist themes. But in an interview with CBS Sports, Black revealed that he draws inspiration for his character from his own life:

"I'm big into tattoo culture. I'm very much into the alternative music scene. It's predominately black metal and hardcore. I have a fascination with the occult because I grew up in a certain household that had some very disturbing and interesting things. So I know how to live these cult-like characters because I grew up with it. I understand this. This is part of myself that I can put into these characters. Within a year, two years from that it started taking off. It has to contain an essence of yourself. 

"I do think that when you grow up, you start to understand a lot more of yourself. Especially your past traumas. You start to acknowledge and you start to overcome. And when you overcome them, you can draw from them. You know they don't fight against you. They work with you... The older you get, the more you understand yourself."

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