Mandy Rose Names Asuka As Her Favourite WWE Opponent

High praise

Mandy Rose has named Asuka as her favourite person to get in the ring with in WWE. 

Highlighting The Empress Of Tomorrow's ability to adapt to any of her opponents, the NXT Women's Champion notes that it is not possible to have a bad match with Asuka.

Speaking to WWE Deutschland, when asked who she enjoyed wrestling the most, Rose said: "I have to say Asuka. Asuka is...and a lot of people say this but Asuka just has this special feeling when you’re in the ring with her.

"She brings this and obviously the experience and...yeah, she has such a presence about her and I feel like I could speak for a lot of the other women too, she’s able to work with so many different women but kind of just like, what’s the word I’m looking for? Adapt to so many different styles, right? 

"Because she has that specific style but all the other women are so different too so like, she’s able to adapt and she obviously is so good but she makes her opponents look good, she’s so much fun, you feel it more when you’re in there with her. No [you don’t have bad matches with Asuka]."

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