Maria Kanellis Reveals Idea For Wrestling Festival

A big festival of wrestling

Professional wrestling promotions have cooperated more and more in 2021 as the likes of AEW, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and IMPACT have knocked down the forbidden door and shared talent. Wrestlers from the three promotions have also popped up in independent wrestling promotions like GCW and Defy. 

With so much cooperation in wrestling outside of WWE, Maria Kanellis has suggested companies come together for a wrestling festival.

"We're talking consistently about unity in the wrestling industry right now and we've seen so much crossover between different companies. And we've seen now that everybody is friendly and everybody does want to work together. I'd like to see more of that, and I'd like to see a show that was based on that. I don't know how it gets done. I would like a festival that is based on the idea of unity and all coming together. Just make it a huge party of wrestlers, and music, and atmosphere, and just celebrate wrestling... I was just on a call with Gail and Mickie talking about Tag Me In, and we were talking about how we can work together more. We're going to try and consistently try to figure out those ideas of working together more," Kanellis said on Oral Sessions.

Kanellis also continued to advocate for a wrestlers union, adding: "I'm also still a crusader of getting a union at some point. And now everybody's going to take that and go, 'You can’t do that!' Unions can have levels, and I truly believe that. And I truly believe that every company does not need to be a part of it in order for it to work for everyone. I think that, to have that insurance and that assurance that we're all being taken care of would be nice. I think it's necessary at some point. Again, it's not across the board, it's just the idea of having those practices in place."

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