ROH In Talks To Bring Indy Promotion To HonorClub

Could Women's Wrestling Army head to ROH's HonorClub?

An independent wrestling promotion could be featured on Ring of Honor's HonorClub streaming service in the future. 

Following their involvement in relaunching the ROH women's division in 2021, Maria Kanellis and Bobby Cruise launched Women's Wrestling Army after Ring of Honor went on hiatus for Q1 2022 and WWArmy eventually held their first show on May 1, 2022. The promotion remains active with weekly episodes and an ongoing documentary series on Pro Wrestling TV.

ROH was ultimately purchased from Sinclair Broadcast Group by Tony Khan in March 2022 and the promotion has since relaunched with weekly TV airing on HonorClub and regular pay-per-views. 

Speaking with WrestleZone, Maria Kanellis revealed she has held talks with Khan about Women's Wrestling Army airing on HonorClub. 

"My ideal place to have it is on HonorClub, and that's because I feel like there's so much crossover between [Ring Of Honor and Women's Wrestling Army]. It's also the same style of wrestling. When we started this, we didn't want it to be too fluffy. We wanted it to be a little bit fluffy of course but we wanted to be able to showcase every style, and we wanted to make an impact with it. So the style of wrestling we have is a lot of what Ring of Honor is already doing. So for us, the crossover is obvious," Kanellis began.

"We've had talks. We're in the early stages, and I think that it's all about bandwidth. Tony Khan is a very busy man, and whether or not that can happen, we don't know. But we're definitely investigating that, and Tony's super open. He's one of the best bosses I've ever had when it comes to open communication. So we're talking about it. He definitely sees the potential, and I definitely see the potential for us being placed on HonorClub."

Should a deal with HonorClub not materialise, Kanellis revealed she has also held talks with FITE, Twitch, and Pro Wrestling TV about a renewal. She has also spoken to Bravo, NBC, and Warner Bros. Discovery about WWArmy's documentaries. 

Kanellis is currently a part of AEW/ROH as the manager of The Kingdom. Bobby Cruise remains Ring of Honor's ringside announcer. 

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