Mark Henry: Watching Sting In AEW Makes Me Feel Like I Can Still Go

Henry is focused on his analyst role, for now…

Mark Henry’s role in AEW is strictly in an analytical and broadcast capacity, but The World’s Strongest Man has admitted that watching Sting compete makes him feel like he can still go.

Speaking to Miami’s 940 Winz ahead of AEW: Rampage’s debut this Friday, Henry said:

“I won't be in the ring as of right now, even though Sting has made me feel like even at 50, I should be able to get back in the ring.”

Henry continued:

“If that happens [jumping off of commentary and into the ring], it's going to be a surprise to me. That will be a surprise, man. I am no spring chicken.”

Henry is fully focused on his commentary and analyst role for Rampage, and shared the company’s aims for the new show: “We want to make sure that the fans tune in, not only for Wednesday's on TNT, but they tune in for Friday. The only way to do that is to put your best foot forward and that's exactly what we are doing. Look at our announce team. Having Excalibur and Taz, who have been on together hundreds of times and then, you add Chris Jericho who is one of the elites of the elite wrestlers in the world.

“Then, you bring in ‘The World Strongest Man’ for my analysis, and not only will I be on the announce table, I will be leaving the table and I will go in the back after matches and I will ask the hard questions and get the emotion from the talent in real-time, which is not done on wrestling program and right now. So it is cool to be able to go and do something that's not being done.”

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