Matt Cardona Comments On Possible Match With Bully Ray

Matt Cardona will be ready if and when the match is made

Matt Cardona and Bully Ray have been having a social media war of words lately, after the WWE Hall of Famer objected to Cardona referring to himself as an 'ECW Original'. 

Bully Ray (as Bubba Ray Dudley) worked for the original ECW between 1995 and 1999, while Cardona (as Zack Ryder) wrestled on the rebooted WWE version of ECW in the late 2000s. 

Ray claimed Cardona wouldn't have lasted a day in the original ECW, while Cardona responded that Bully wouldn't last a day in any promotion in 2022. 

In an interview with, Cardona addressed his beef with the table-breaker, saying: 

"Bully Ray is somebody I watched growing up, obviously, but he's been extreme shaming me on social media, saying I'm not extreme, that I'm not hardcore. I'm the death match king. He's too busy with Busted Open, his radio show. He's the past. I'm the future".

Asked whether the match could potentially take place in GCW, the former GCW Champion said: 

"I don't think GCW wants to book Bully. They don't want to deal with his bullying. His politics is BS, but someone's going to make that match sometime, somewhere and I'll be ready because I'm always ready".

Matt Cardona and Bully Ray have met on two occasions in the past, both times in tag matches when the Dudleys returned to WWE for their second run.

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