Matt Cardona Reveals When He Is Hoping To Return From Bicep Injury

Latest on Matt Cardona as he recovers from bicep surgery

It has been a rough few weeks for Matt Cardona as the independent wrestling star suffered a torn bicep at GCW Downward Spiral on May 28 during a match with Blake Christian. 

Cardona has since undergone surgery but he had to relinquish the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship last week, with Trevor Murdoch regaining the gold at the Alwayz Ready pay-per-view. 

A torn bicep usually requires five months to heal but the former WWE talent revealed to Sports Illustrated that he is aiming to get back in the ring in three months. Cardona also won't be staying at home while he recovers and he plans to still appear at indy shows. 

"My doctor said that the recovery is five months. But my goal is three. I'm still going to be making towns. I've contacted every promotion I had booked, and all but two are still bringing me in because they know I sell tickets - and I rescheduled with those other two. I'm not going to be stuck at home injured. I won't be in the ring, but this isn't a three-month vacation. I'm just as busy as I was, even with a torn bicep," Cardona said. 

Cardona revealed he is planning to be back in the ring by September 3 and he wants his return match to be against Tatanka in the indy tournament 'The Wrestling Showcase.' Other names set for the tournament include John Morrison, Killer Kross, and Jacob Fatu. 

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