Matt Hardy: AEW Knows How To Use Established Talent Better Than WWE

Hardy signed for AEW last year

Matt Hardy believes All Elite Wrestling, and Tony Khan, have a better understanding of how to use established talent than WWE.

The likes of Big Show and Mark Henry - who have left WWE and signed with AEW - were used at the expense of younger talent towards the end of their run in Vince McMahon's promotion.

Hardy, who was also at risk of being simply used to put over younger guys in WWE, feels AEW President Tony Kha knows how to keep the established performers looking strong while also elevating younger guys.

Speaking on Down For The Count, Hardy said: "Tony Khan is very smart and very savvy in understanding how to utilise talent and get the most out of them. You see in WWE often they take a guy who is established and towards the end of their career and they just use them to put over guys or have the younger guys beat them up and they hurt the equity or the value of that star.

"Tony, on the other hand, understands how to place that star in a position where he can still maintain his strength and help younger acts get over by defeating them, but they are still kept strong by still looking like an act that is adequate and powerful and dangerous and can knock anyone off at any time. That's the key to it.

"When you look at AEW, one of the biggest lessons any promotion can learn is how to utilize guys who have name value that maybe are getting towards the end of their career and still keep them relevant and keep equity in them along with helping to build young talent and the future of your promotion."

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