Matt Hardy Calls AEW: "...The Most Fun That I've Ever Had"

He's having a WONDERFUL time, it seems...

It's been about three months since Matt Hardy turned down an offer to re-sign with WWE, electing to begin life anew with All Elite Wrestling. And he's apparently having a blast with his current role.

Hardy spoke on Busted Open Radio about his happiness with his present home, saying, "This AEW job and being here, this is the greatest roster and the most fun that I've ever had. Behind this would be the TNA run I had when I first started doing Broken Matt. This is the best gig I've ever had. I'm so fortunate and lucky to be here right now."

Hardy also spoke about what he's capable of providing at this stage of his career. Being 45 years old with close to three decades of ring experience, and with consideration to the high amount of wear-and-tear he's endured, Hardy fully understands that he's not "Team Xtreme" Matt in his mid-twenties any more.

"I'm a performer, I don't try to hide it, I'm 45 years old and I've been around almost 28 years doing this so I have to utilize it in a certain way," Hardy states. "But if you utilize me, I can produce really great stuff still. You have to have the trust and faith in me to do that and understand how to utilize Matt Hardy, who has 28 years of bumps on his bump card. If you do that, I can help build people.

He adds, "I don't want to be the champion, I don't want the company to be built around me, I don't want to be the centerpiece of attention every week. I want to be there and do my thing and stay hot and fresh but help other guys. You're going to see that in the next couple of weeks with some of the things I'm doing."

(Credit to Wrestling Inc for transcription)

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