Matt Hardy Confirms That His AEW Contract Expires In March

Matt Hardy has confirmed reports of his AEW contract expiring

It was revealed in a report earlier this week that Matt Hardy’s contract in AEW was expiring this month, which is something that Hardy himself has now confirmed, though not without some confusion on how this information leaked. When speaking on his Extreme Life Of Matt Hardy podcast, Hardy spoke on his contract situation. 

"That was all new to me, but it is what it is, I guess. As far as that goes with my contract, people had asked about my contract coming up. Obviously I've got responses, after that news broke earlier today and it didn't come from me because no one had, had known anything about it. So once again, Sean Ross Sapp breaking, breaking the news, right? Yes, it is coming up in March and we've spoke about it and we've talked about it and I guess we'll see what happens."

Hardy signed with AEW back in 2020, and in the time since has used a variety of gimmicks, had a few cinematic matches from the Hardy Compound, and has reunited his tag team with brother Jeff Hardy. Jeff is currently off AEW programming though due to an injury suffered in a recent match with Sammy Guevara.

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Written by Andrew Kelly