Matt Hardy Discusses Quashed WWE Storyline Where He Would Have Worked With Young Stars

He Just Wanted To Help The Younger Talent...

On March 1, Matt Hardy officially became a free agent after his WWE contract expired. While he is expected to sign with All Elite Wrestling in the near future, Matt has been filling his free time discussing his most recent run in WWE. During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, he told Dave LaGreca and Tommy Dreamer that he doesn't think Vince McMahon understood his Broken Gimmick and that many of his ideas for his feud/tag team with Bray Wyatt were rejected.

During a recent interview with Mike Johnson at PWInsider, Hardy explained more of his storylines were rejected after he and Bray were pulled in TV. One such idea that he pitched in January 2019 included a segment called The Broken Block where Matt would let "underutilised" Superstars like Ali, Chad Gable and Apollo Crews have 15-minute matches, with a little bit of Broken Matt sprinkled in.   

The Broken One said: "My idea was like, I come out and I say, 'I want to address these guys. I want to dialogue with you.' And I was going to say like, they were going to say like, 'What do you want? Do you want your release? Do you want to get fired? Whatever?' No, I want to stay the show because I feel like you guys are going back on your word some with what you're telling the people. You're not listening to them. I just want 15 minutes. Give me 15 minutes of the show and I want to make a segment called The Broken Block. I want to take guys like Ali, Apollo, Chad Gable, guys who are underutilised, use them, let them have bad ass matches and then throw a little bit of Broken Matt in there as well and actually be gone away for a while and come back as Broken Matt. I had a whole storyline about how to do that and just different things like that. I didn't want to be the champion. I want to do things that I could do to help other guys and do a little role." 

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