Matt Hardy Wishes He Could Have Done More With Bray Wyatt In WWE

They could have been more WONDERFUL...

In 2017, Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt fought in a trilogy of matches which culminated in The Ultimate Deletion. After Wyatt was tossed into the Lake Of Reincarnation, he reconciled his differences with Matt and the pair formed The Deleters Of Worlds, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships at the Greatest Royal Rumble. However, after they lost the titles to The B-Team, they were taken off TV following the August 13 episode of Monday Night Raw. 

During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Hardy said he wished he could have done more with Wyatt, but explained WWE Creative weren't very receptive to their suggestions. He believes this resulted in them being pulled off TV because "they were tired of us suggesting ideas." Matt also revealed his plans for the team as he told Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray he wanted to have a focused story with Wyatt in which The Eater Of Worlds arrived at the Hardy Compound looking for help, having lost his family and home. 

"In all honesty, I think the reason Bray and I ended up being pulled off TV at that time is that they were tired of us suggesting ideas, and how we can pick up at the Hardy Compound and we should be wrestling all the time," Hardy said. "I really think that the whole scenario between myself and Bray could have been so much more if we would have been able to get people to listen to our ideas. Like we wanted Bray, because his house had been burned down, the whole Abigail scenario, he'd lost his Wyatt family, and we literally wanted him to come here to us with a stick on his back and a bandanna with no belongings and join the Hardy Compound. We're going to have Senor Benjamin out having him do chores on the mower of lawn and King Maxel bossing him around. If we could have got to those vignettes and did that stuff I think we could have really had some…stuff."

The Woken One believes part of the problem was that Vince McMahon never "completely understood" Broken Matt Hardy, which led to his Woken gimmick being more limited than how he envisioned. That instead of having a character that could be funny, serious, and dramatic, his entire character development boiled down to just laughing like a maniac at the end of every segment or vignette. 

Matt said: "I'll be honest, it was whenever we first did Woken Matt Hardy, Vince was the one that initiated it and I think it was because people wouldn't stop chanting 'Delete!' And he'd ask about it and we talked about it and I wanted to do it, and I think there's a possibility of that but also it's a very different concept and I don't think he completely understood it. He gives us an opportunity but also giving us an opportunity allows him to say too 'well I gave them an opportunity to do it and it didn't work huge.' It had to be done very different. Whenever we first do that vignette and we laughed at the very end, like we end up laughing almost every single week and there's times where this stuff could be serious. There's times where it can be humorous and funny and its supposed to be, there's time where it can be dramatic, there's times where it can be scary and you have to have all those elements to make some kind of odd and meta act like this work, and it just ended up getting moved into too much of a laugh at each other too often to really be bought in correctly by the WWE Universe." 

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