AEW Commentator Jim Ross Admits He's Not A Fan Of Scripted Promos

AEW Allowing Wrestlers To Be Themselves...

For many years, it has been common practice in WWE for writers to produce scripted promos for Superstars. This has only led to the product being criticised as wrestlers come across as fake, especially when stars like Roman Reigns have to say lines like "you snizzling little suck up sell out full of sufferin' succotash."   

One person who is definitely not a fan of scripted promos is All Elite Wrestling Announcer Jim Ross. On the most recent episode of AEW Unrestricted, Good Ol' JR said having scripted promos doesn't make sense as it just makes wrestlers appear disingenuous, and doesn't allow them to put their own imprint on their characters. He instead praised the fact AEW doesn't have any writers producing promos and put this down to why their promos have been acclaimed by fans.

JR said: "I like the fact that we don't have writers that tell everybody what to say. Nobody should be more committed to their skill than these wrestlers because they're going to make the most money…They (fans) see disingenuity. That's again why the promos that we've had recently have been excellent because it came from the heart and the creativity of the talent presenting it and that's different than say 'here’s your promo, now become a Shakespearean actor or actress and go memorise your lines that we're going to do tonight live in the ring.' Think about that system. 'Okay you want me to interpret your creative and memorise it to be able to deliver tonight and I just saw we did no rehearsals, no time to memorise.' That's not a good system, but if you give somebody bullet points, then their natural instincts start coming into play."

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