Matt Hardy Provides Update On Jeff Hardy

Hardy was sent home from the WWE tour at the weekend

Matt Hardy has provided a brief update on his brother Jeff amid multiple reports he was sent home from the WWE Live Event circuit this past weekend. 

Fan footage of Hardy, involved in a six-man tag-team match at a WWE show on Saturday, circulated online in which the former WWE & World Heavyweight Champion appeared to be in a concerning condition. Hardy would tag out of the match and then leave the ringside area through the crowd. 

Hardy was not included in the WWE Live Event on Sunday with reports indicating WWE management had sent him home. His brother Matt has spoken to Jeff, confirming he is at home and doing okay.

Speaking during his House Hardy Twitch Stream, Matt said: "I did speak to Jeff for a little bit today and he’s okay, he’s good. I think he’ll be fine but once again, this isn’t my business and if he wants to go into it in more detail then he’ll do it himself. Jeff is okay. He is at home and he is okay.

"It’s not my business. It’s not my story to tell or explain and besides that, I wouldn’t be able to do it justice anyway because it’s not from my perspective so I love my brother and I just want my brother to be okay and healthy. I also mind my business which a lot of people don’t do nowadays too.

"I mind my business. I make sure my house is in order before anything else because if my house isn’t in order then I can’t get anything else in order. If I can’t keep my house in order and keep myself in order and in check then you’re not gonna be able to get anybody else in order and in check."

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