Matt Hardy Reveals AEW Future Following Jeff Hardy DUI Arrest

Jeff Hardy was arrested in mid-June

When Jeff Hardy arrived in AEW in early 2022 it kicked off what was supposed to be a glorious final major run for The Hardys.

However, with Jeff’s recent DUI arrest, the future of The Hardys as a team is in jeopardy, with Jeff Hardy suspended without pay and not allowed to compete in AEW until "successfully completing treatment and maintaining his sobriety."

Older brother Matt has now given his thoughts on his own future, saying the following on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast:

“As far as what I'm doing going forward, I'm sure I'll be doing something in some capacity on AEW,” said hardy. “I'm going to change it up a little bit, tweak things a little bit and we'll try to make some magic happen. I look at it as a challenge, as an artist where there's really no timetable on what is happening. I had a great conversation with Tony Khan, just talking with him a little bit. We'll see. We have a few weeks to work on stuff. I'm excited for it. I look at it as a challenge, as opposed to looking at everything as a setback. Obviously, it's disappointing and heartbreaking that I'm not going to be teaming with my brother and we won't have this last great run, but I am going to make the most out of whatever opportunity I'm given. I will be positive and optimistic as always.”

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