Matt Hardy Reveals He's Never Crapped His Pants In The Ring

"I was extremely sick that day" explains Matt Hardy, but thankfully the worst case scenario was avoided.

Matt Hardy has revealed on a recent episode of his own The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy show that he has never soiled himself in the ring. However, the AEW and former WWE star explained that he almost came close to disaster, stating:

"There was one time where I was sick and wrestling Shannon Moore. I felt like I was going to [crap myself]. I let out one of the most terrible gases. He jumped off the top and hit me with a corkscrew. We did a thing where I would reverse and roll through, he ended up right in my crotch and was like, 'Oh my God, did you s*** yourself?' No, I didn't. It was terrible gas because I was extremely sick that day. He said, 'You have to show me.' When we got back and showered, I showed him my underwear and everything. 'Look, I didn't. I'm very rank right now. I don't smell good.'"

Given the often hectic schedules and constant travel of many professional wrestlers, it's unsurprising to hear that many have admitted to having such an accident at one time or another. Matt can count himself lucky, especially considering his long career in many top promotions including WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, and now AEW.

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