Matt Hardy Reveals Why Vince McMahon Changed The Finish Of WWE's First TLC Match

A title reign taken away

While Matt Hardy has achieved much during his long career, one of his enduring legacies in the business is the TLC Match which he established with brother Jeff Hardy, Edge and Christian, and The Dudley Boyz with matches in 2000 and 2001. 

The first Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match between the three teams took place at SummerSlam 2000 in The Hardy Boyz' home state of North Carolina, and Matt and Jeff were originally booked to win the match and the WWE Tag Team Title in the process. 

Vince McMahon opted to change the finish, though, and Matt revealed why the WWE chairman did so on The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast

"Well, that was supposed to be our big win, and then he said, 'Well, it's too predictable. Everybody in that venue is going to know you're going to win, and they're expecting you to win. So I don't want to do that. Let's do it the next show,'" Matt said. 

"I think sometimes it's a good thing, especially when you have babyfaces that are over that have been in this long rivalry and the fans want to be rewarded with this proper payoff, I would have loved to have had the win there. I think that'd been the time to do the win and also be the champions. Also to change the history of the TLC matches a little bit. But Vince is a big advocate of, 'If you're over as a babyface, there are times where you don't need to win, it doesn't make a difference,' and that that's kind of how we were looked at yeah, we didn't ever have to win in those environments, because we were so beloved in so many ways," he continued.

"I think there is some merit to that argument. Yeah, there is some merit to it too. But then like, you know, when, if you want people to look at wrestling as a serious competition, even though it's entertainment, I think there are times where you have to pull the trigger and you have to give an act even if they're still gonna be popular, whether they win lose or draw, you gotta give them that respect and show them that win and let the people know like, Oh, these guys really are winners. So I'm glad to support them.'"

Matt has continued to team with brother Jeff throughout his career and they are set to reunite at an upcoming independent wrestling show following Jeff's WWE release in December. 

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