Matt Hardy Wants Hardy Boyz Vs. Edge & Christian In AEW

Coud we see The Hardys vs. Edge & Christian in an AEW ring? Matt Hardy hopes so

It was one of the definitive rivalries of the Attitude Era, making stars out of all involved, and helping reignite WWE’s tag scene along the way; The Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian.

All four men involved would become world champions across the industry, and would feud with each other in singles and tag action. Now during a conversation with Muscleman Malcolm, Matt Hardy revealed he would like one more Hardys vs. E&C match in AEW:

“You hear this all the time, but people say ‘if the stars and planets align’… you know when my brother comes back and everything's good… I hear people say all the time ‘oh my God we’d love to see Edge come and do one last Hardys versus Edge and Christian’ [match] that would be a pretty magical moment.”

Matt and Jeff Hardy, and Christian are all currently signed to AEW, with Christian defeating Matt Hardy on the August 3 edition of AEW: Dynamite. With Edge one of WWE’s biggest stars of the PG Era, and with how well he has been positioned by WWE since coming out of retirement in 2020, the chances of him also joining AEW are slim… but never say never in wrestling.

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