Matt Hardy Wants To Be A Producer When Wrestling Career Ends

Hardy has goals for after his in-ring career

Matt Hardy believes he will work backstage as a producer once his time as a professional wrestler comes to an end.

The 47-year-old has been in wrestling for around 25 years and is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling, and Hardy knows he has more years behind him than in front of him. 

When his in-ring career comes to an end, Hardy would still like to be involved.

Speaking with Essentially Sports, Hardy said: "Whenever I finish my in-ring career, which obviously, I have a lot less years left than I do behind me, but I would definitely see myself being a producer or someone involved in the creative process.

"At the end of the day, pro wrestling is my passion. I want to wrestle in the ring as long as I can, as long as my body will physically let me. Once that is said and done, I can still be involved and contribute by being a producer and you're still able to live out your passion to some degree."

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