Kane Reveals Funny Story Why The Hardcore Title Was His Favourite In WWE

Kane is a former one-time Hardcore Champion

Kane has revealed that the Hardcore Championship was his favourite Title belt in WWE, recalling a funny story about why that is the case. 

A one-time former Hardcore Champion during his Hall of Fame career in WWE, Kane has recounted a story from his time with the Title, after forgetting to remove it from his bag while going through airport security.

Speaking during a panel at Steel City Comic Con, Kane said: "My favorite belt was the Hardcore Championship, and the reason is, one time I’m going through TSA security at the airport and I have the belt in my bag. Normally you would take it out so you could go through the metal detector and they’d pull it out, but I forgot and I left it in the bag.

"So the TSA agent opens my bag, looks at the Hardcore Title and then he looks at me and says, he’s serious, he says, ‘You know it’s broken, right?’ ‘Yeah, that’s kinda the point, dude.’"

H/T WrestleZone

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