Matt Hardy Wants To End Wrestling Career In Tag-Team With Brother Jeff

Could we see the Hardy Boyz reunite?

Matt Hardy has revealed he wants to end his professional wrestling career the same way it started - in a tag-team alongside his brother Jeff Hardy.

The Hardy Boyz first teamed together on WWE television in 1996 and were eventually given full-time contracts with the promotion two years later, becoming one of the defining acts during the Attitude Era.

The duo have split and come back together multiple times during their respective careers, most recently teaming when they were both in WWE in 2019, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Now in All Elite Wrestling, Hardy would love the opportunity to tag with his brother again, saying it's the way he wants his career to come to an end.

Speaking during his first-ever AMA Twitch stream, Hardy said: "The gimmick I’d like to end my career on [is], teaming with my brother [Jeff Hardy], as the Hardy Boys. Real life Matt, and Real life Jeff, doing our thing. To go out the way you came in is super cool.

"I would love Jeff to come to AEW, a proper feud with the Hardy Boys vs the Young Bucks would be amazing."

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