AEW’s Eddie Kingston: I Would Love To Fight Tommy End

Could The Mad King tangle with End in an AEW ring?

Before signing with AEW, Eddie Kingston was considered somewhat of a professional wrestling nomad, plying his trade in the likes of Chikara, CZR, ROH, and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling.

Over the course of his travels Kingston shared locker-rooms with numerous wrestlers, but didn’t get to fight them all, one of whom is currently the hottest free agent in professional wrestling - Tommy End.

Speaking on a virtual meet and greet session with Pro Wrestling Junkies, The Mad King said he wants the chance to go one on one with the former Aleister Black:

“One dude who I do know that I’ve known for years, I met him in Germany years ago is Aleister Black, “ said Kingston “whatever, Tommy End. Ima call him by what I know him, Tommy End. He and I never got to fight each other out on the independents and I would love to fight him, out of respect, I’d love to fight him.” 

Kingston also wanted another opportunity to wrestle Samoa Joe, but is happy his old pal is making good money back in NXT:

“Of course I wanted [Samoa] Joe to come [to AEW]. I fought Joe before but Joe’s my man, you know what I mean? I know Joe, I respect Joe, I’m so happy for him. I hope he’s getting that good cheddar over there, you know what I mean? He’s getting that bank, but of course I wanted to fight Joe again.

“When I first fought Joe, I came back from an ankle surgery so I was a little bit slow but all the other times I fought Joe, they were fun man and I just wanted to do it on TNT against Joe, or TBS, it don’t matter. It’s just on something, on some type of national television but I respect Joe, that’s my man. He’s one of the dudes that - like I said, I don’t watch [WWE] religiously but there’s certain guys when I hear they’re on, I watch, like Kevin Owens and so many others. I don’t wanna start naming names because next thing you know, I’m gonna forget someone’s name and hurt their feelings. All I’m saying is if I know you and I mess with you and they know who they are, I make sure I check out what they’re doing.”

H/T: POST Wrestling

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