Matt Sydal Reveals Why He Joined AEW

Matt Sydal has been ‘All Elite’ since 2020

There are many reasons for wrestlers to join certain companies, whether it be guaranteed money, creative freedom, or a promised push. However for Matt Sydal, his choice to join AEW in 2020 was very specific - he wanted to wrestle The Young Bucks.

Sydal revealed as much to Steve Fall on Ten Count, saying the following:

“That's why I went to AEW. That's why I left Impact because I wanted to go to AEW because I wanted to wrestle The Young Bucks again. I was really lucky. I got to have a match with me and my brother Mike against The Young Bucks. Mike and I also wrestled the Lucha Bros. I mean, we had a string of great matches, and then, unfortunately, Mike got hurt. He hurt his back on the Jericho cruise. We wrestled four nights in a row. It was crazy. But yeah, so I mean, coming back I was working with Dante Martin a lot, of Top Flight, Dante and Darius so you know, I mean, I love everything that's going on in AEW. I watch every single match like a maniac. I am all in with AEW, but the beautiful thing is that AEW lets us share what we love with everyone around the world,” said Sydal.

Before joining AEW, Sydal had fought The Young Bucks across the indies, finding himself across the ring from Matt and Nick Jackson in ROH, PWG, and NJPW.


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