Mercedes Martinez: Why I Returned To WWE NXT And Left RETRIBUTION

Martinez was only a part of RETRIBUTION for a couple of weeks

Mercedes Martinez has revealed the opportunity to be on the WWE main roster with RETRIBUTION did not feel like the right chance for her, which was why she asked to leave the group and return to NXT. 

Martinez, who re-signed with WWE back in January 2020, initially debut as on the main roster as part of RETRIBUTION under the name Retaliation in September of last year. Shortly after, however, Martinez was quietly removed from the stable and returned to the black and gold brand. 

She has now admitted her gut feeling was that the opportunity wasn't the correct one for her individually, leading to her to ask to step away from Retribution. The faction, led by Mustafa Ali, was disbanded earlier this year at Fastlane.

Speaking to Graham Matthews of Daily DDT, she said: "I can’t look in the future, I don’t know what could happen in the future, I have to take the opportunity and what is best for Mercedes Martinez’s career at this moment. With Retribution, I took the opportunity, but it wasn’t the right opportunity and it didn’t feel right in my heart to be there.

"With the Retribution members, I praise them and wish them all the best, they’re doing what they have to do and take the opportunity to kill it. For me, it wasn’t the right opportunity for me, I took it, it felt off and I wanted something for right now, so people can see what Mercedes Martinez can do now.

"Longevity is the name of the game, with Retribution, as much as I loved the opportunity and I’m blessed to have it, it wasn’t for me and we all agreed."

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