Mercedes Martinez: WWE Were Working On New Theme Music Before My Release

Martinez almost had a third theme

Mercedes Martinez was set to receive new entrance music before her WWE release.

The 40-year-old had already had two themes by the time 2021 rolled around but Martinez was looking to combine her previous songs to create something new. 

"Yes [I did have input on my WWE theme music]. I had two themes for WWE. The first one, everyone pretty much loved which was from the Mae Young Classic when I first debuted so I had some input into that, making sure that it was Latin-influenced with some reggaetón in it so that was my favourite. When I came back from the pandemic, we changed it because I turned heel. I was just more badass and we had - I had a little bit of influence on that one too as well. We wanted it a little dark. It was more - I feel like it was a Undertaker vibe. So I did have a little bit of influence on that one as well," Martinez said during a K&S Wrestlefest virtual signing.

"Before I got released, we were basically trying to come up with a new theme music where it was an interaction of both music's put together to try to come up with something new. Reinvention, an evolution I guess you can say but, for those who are watching me on the indies in the next couple of weeks and months, I do have brand new music that I had input on it. I helped with a composer to actually make that new music."

Martinez was released by WWE in August and the 40-year-old also mentioned during the virtual signing that she plans to stick on the independent wrestling scene for the time being. 

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