Michael Cole 'John Cena' Commentary Audible In Piped In Cheers For Drew McIntyre On WWE Raw

McIntyre is getting the added cheers treatment

WWE isn't afraid to add noise or a positive audible reaction to their product for certain superstars. It's happened in the past with Roman Reigns, and it seems to be happening again with Drew McIntyre. 

McIntyre was WWE's top babyface at the start of, and during, the COVID-19 Pandemic era, defeating Brock Lesnar in the main-event of the only WrestleMania to not have a live crowd in attendance last year. The Scotsman was earning a loud, positive reaction from live audiences prior to coronavirus but, as is often the case with top babyfaces, those cheers have begun to wane. 

McIntyre is now getting booed by some sections of the WWE audience, with the former WWE Champion getting a mixed reaction from live crowds. It appears, in anticipation of this from a hot Chicago crowd on the August 2 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE played through positive cheering noise for the Scottish Warrior.

However, as noted by Twitter user @dudefelice, the instantly distinguishable voice of WWE lead commentator Michael Cole could be heard saying 'the 16-time Champion' through the cheers for McIntyre, suggesting that the clip in question had been taken from a recording of a John Cena reaction.

While Michael Cole has called many episodes of Monday Night Raw during his career, he is currently the lead announcer on the SmackDown brand, making the mistaken inclusion and therefore the piped in cheers all the more noticeable.

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