Mick Foley Reveals Original Plans For His TNA Debut

Mick Foley on his time in TNA Wrestling

Mick Foley will go down as one of WWE's top stars in the Attitude Era and his exploits as a legend into the 2000s in Vince McMahon's company are fondly remembered, particularly his programmes with Randy Orton and Edge. 

Foley continued to wrestle following his WWE exit in 2008, though, signing with TNA Wrestling (now IMPACT Wrestling) later that year and being revealed as a co-owner of the promotion.  

TNA originally had different plans for Foley's debut and the WWE Hall of Famer revealed on an episode of Foley is Pod that he was set to debut as the new owner of the X Division.

"My original storyline was supposed to be that I'd show up, I'd say, 'I'm Mick Foley and I've just purchased the X Division.' When Scott [Fishman] gave me that, I was like, "Oh, man, I'm in.' I really wanted to do that," Foley stated.

Mrs Foley's baby boy would have an extended run in TNA, including one reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion in 2009. He captured the gold by defeating Sting in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match at Lockdown in April before dropping the belt to Kurt Angle at Slammiversary a couple of months later. 

Foley would be let go by TNA in June 2011 after asking for his release. He returned to WWE soon after. 

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